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Our projects provide knowledge to empower those who seek authentic and reliable information. 

The 4 Good production team creates and produces original online education projects for digital distribution.

The Thompson Method.





Dr Robyn Thompson is a highly experienced and respected midwife whose expertise lies in the prevention of common breastfeeding complications, such as nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis.  Dr Thompson was awarded a PhD in breastfeeding in 2014 with the main question of interest being "Why do so many women present with breastfeeding complications, particularly varying degrees of painful nipple trauma in the early postnatal period?"

The Thompson Method evolved as a result of Dr Thompson's research and over 45 years experience alongside breastfeeding women.  Her education is designed to empower women, midwives and other health professionals with the aim of improving global breastfeeding rates. Dr Thompson's aim is to prevent common breastfeeding complications in the first instance and to help women continue to breastfeed with little or no pain in the presence of trauma.

Breastfeeding Educaton | The Thompson Metod

The Thompson Method has helped thousands of women bond with their babies through pain-free breastfeeding. The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course; an online video course designed to educate and empower expecting mums and mums experiencing pain or breastfeeding challenges.  For more information, visit

My Story
Marie Wilson | Australian Singer Songwriter Musician



DATE:  MAY 31, 2015



Australian Singer Songwriter Marie Wilson created the Song4MS where the lyrics were crowdsourced by those living with or touched by Multiple Sclerosis.

Inspired by her two close friends (who are also twins), Marie went about doing what came naturally to her and that was to write a song for her mates.  As the song developed, she invited other members of the MS community to contribute.  This was her way of creating a song that was a true reflection of how it was to be living with MS.

Over the following 18 months, the Song4MS was completed with lyrics contributed by people all over the world.  100% of funds raised through the sale of the Song4MS was donated to MS Research Australia.

Our Story.

We love storytelling.  We are essentially creative thinkers and problem solvers.  We prefer to focus on solutions to empower, to educate and to engage.  We love to inspire others to challenge themselves and seek improvement.

We take on projects that acknowledge the uniqueness of the individual.  Our job is to communicate the information in a way that inspires action, organic reach and global awareness.  Strength in simplicity.

4Good launched The Breastfeeding initiative in March 2018 in order to provide women all around the world with simple and reliable information on how to breastfeed gently and intuitively.  The project is resonating with women globally and continues to provide real and powerful content for breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

Marie Wilson | Director, 4 Good

Marie Wilson

Musician, Director


Marie's passion for her work is palpable.  She is a catalyst for creative ideas and solutions through fresh, strategic thinking.  She believes in creating work that is beautiful, meaningful and thoughtful.

Jacki Ames | Director, 4 Good

Jacki Ames

Photographer, Director


Jacki uses her super woman skills to capture and share the remarkable. She loves to help people share their story. Being behind the camera is the one place where she can make a difference.

Joanne Thompson | Director, 4 Good

Joanne Thompson

Imagineer, Director


Jo's entrepreneurial and creative curiosity means she dreams more than she sleeps. She loves to listen, watch and search for cutting edge trends.  A crusader, wanting to make a difference in the world.

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